Private Guitar & Bass Teacher in Apple Valley, MN

Are you looking for an electric guitar teacher in Apple Valley, MN? We have been providing lessons for beginners for close to 20 years and know that you will enjoy learning how to play the guitar with us. Owner Phil Olson has 43 years of experience playing the guitar and has served as a private electric guitar teacher for hundreds of people over the years. Whether you are just starting to play the guitar for the first time and need lessons for beginners, or have years of experience playing guitar and want to learn some new tricks, we can help you be the best guitar player you can possibly be when you come to learn from us.

Private Bass Guitar & Chord Structure Teacher in Apple ValleyPrivate Bass Guitar Lessons Apple Valley MN

We understand that everyone learns how to play the guitar and bass differently when they take lessons for beginners. With the help of a guitar teacher near Apple Valley, MN, you can learn in a way that best works for you. Whether you learn best through developing the skills it takes to become a sight-reader or by taking a less traditional approach. Oslo Studios will help you learn the skills you need. We will tailor our guitar and bass lessons to your needs, whether acoustic or electric.

Acoustic & Classical Guitar Lessons & Finger-Picking Techniques for Beginners

There are some guitar players who prefer playing without a pick. These people come to us to learn the best finger-style techniques. We are here to guide them along the way with our easy-to-learn lessons for beginners that will have them playing an acoustic guitar in no time. We will work with you to tailor lessons based on your individual skill level so that you feel comfortable throughout the course of your lessons. Regardless of whether you are picking up a guitar for the first time or you have been playing all your life, we can show you how to improve your abilities.

Blues/Funk/Rock Guitar Theory & Jazz/Fusion Electric Guitar Instructor

Once you get more familiar with playing the guitar, you might want to move on to more advanced styles and approaches. The great thing about the guitar is that you can use it to play music in a wide variety of genres, including Blues, Funk, Jazz, Fusion. When you take lessons with us, we can educate you more about these different genres. Even if you’re still new to playing the guitar, we will make sure you enjoy the process of learning different styles. Whether Acoustic or Electric, Our goal is to make you fall in love with playing the guitar and look forward to coming back to our studio again for your next lesson.

Do you want to find out more about taking lessons from a guitar teacher near Apple Valley, MN.? Call Oslo Studios at 952-890-9131 today for more information.

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