The Awesome Guitar Series - A Complete Guide to the Guitar

Finally, a series dedicated to help anyone who wants to master the design of the guitar, its chord/scale shapes, and patterns. Each consecutive volume will add to your knowledge, abilities, and talent. Starting with…

A Complete Guide To The Guitar

Volume I

The Guitar & Music – Breaking Traditions

Geared for Beginners and Intermediates. Topics include: The basics of the guitar, musical terms, beginning insights into music theory, how repetition of notes occur on the neck (exercises included). How major scales/keys are built. How major and minor chords are built.

A Complete Guide To the Guitar Volume II Book

Volume II

The Guitar & Music – Breaking Traditions

Introducing a refined approach to understanding chords on the neck. How minor scales are built. Beginning exercises of major and minor chord shapes using “The Circle of 4ths/5ths”. Learn to memorize notes easily using the “Half-step event patterns” concept. Advancing single note exercises, which expose every possible (4 fret) natural 6-note combination.

Volume III & IV

Major/Minor Shapes and Patterns

Includes exercises that unveil every possible major and minor 3-string chord shape and the scale patterns that exist around them. Includes: Root thru 5th, Root thru 7th, and Root thru b7th chord shape/scale studies. Octave shapes explained with exercises. Major I-IV-V and minor i-iv-v chord progressions explained with studies. Melodic exercises showing neck repetition. Detailed studies reconnecting traditional major and minor shapes/scale patterns.

Future Volumes include…

Volume V – The Modes, The Pentatonics, & The Blues Scale
Volume VI – In Depth Chordal Theory