Jazz & Fusion Guitar Instructor

Oslo Studios offers in depth instructions in which students learn to read Jazz Charts. As your guitar instructor, I’ll assist you in tackling one of the more complex genres of guitar playing; jazz and fusion.  With my methodology, you’ll be able to eventually play this style even if you’re a beginner.

Jazz and fusion guitar lessons are located in our Burnsville studio.  Regardless of your expertise, it’s important to fully understand the fundamentals of the guitar. For two decades, I have been helping my students do just this. Unlike other instructors, I have formulated a specific way of learning that will help you achieve your guitar playing goals.

Chordal progression charts are available for students, at no additional charge. This lessens your cost burden. In doing so, it gives you the chance of furthering your skills in a style you may not have thought obtainable. Contact Oslo Studios for more information about Fusion and Jazz guitar lessons for beginners from a trusted instructor in the Burnsville and Bloomington area of Minnesota.