Acoustic Guitar Lessons & Finger Picking Techniques

Oslo Studios offers in-depth guitar instruction throughout the Bloomington, Burnsville and Savage areas of Minnesota. We can also help you improve and learn new finger picking techniques, ultimately enhancing your talent.

Learn to play guitar and fly over the strings with your acoustic guitar picking hand! It gives you the ability to move away from the harshness of a pick. Choose your style, and we’ll help you get the sound you’re looking for.

Olso Studios is your resource for learning to play the guitar while furthering your classical and acoustic finger picking techniques. My unique guitar instruction methodology is formulated to assist students in fully understanding the instrument. As your guitar instructor, I’ll work with you throughout each session at your own level and pace.

Browse the website for further information about my guitar lessons and sessions in Burnsville, Minnesota.  If you’re ready to learn classical and acoustic finger picking techniques, contact us today!