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Excited to read more!

The first two volumes in this series are a great foundation, and after reviewing this and volume 4 there is definitely more to learn. So excited to dig in!

Tablature is included! A+

Victor Wright Volume I is a great book for beginners who are looking to learn, understand, and get good at the guitar fast! Additionally, a great reference for experienced players at well. I have known Phil since the mid-2000s and was one of his students. Not only is Phil an excellent musician, he is very… Read more »

A Well-Written Book For Beginners

A very humble and well-written book for beginners who are looking to learn theory and get good at the instrument fast! Additionally, an excellent reference for players of all levels. I have known Phil, the author of this series, for years and took lessons from him. In fact, I was one of his first students… Read more »

Simply Phenomenal

I had taken a few lessons with other guitar teachers but never really felt a strong teacher/student connection. I began taking guitar lessons with Phil and could immediately see that his teaching curriculum was nothing that I had been exposed to. Phil’s approach allows you to completely unlock the fret board. Not only will you… Read more »